MXPLY is committed to equipping regular, everyday Christians with discipleship resources, discipleship strategy, and discipleship tools. In support of that commitment, MXPLY will also occasionally contribute to a vision for biblical Christianity and Christian living, provide foundational concepts for believers, share reflections on Scripture, and engage in conversation on current issues.

It is the aim of MXPLY to provide content that is practical, faithful, and accessible instead of abstract, trendy, or unnecessarily complicated.

The resources presented on this site are focused in the area of discipleship as opposed to apologetics, etc. That is to say that the resources here assume a readership that (a) is interested in following Jesus in the Great Commission and (b) holds to Christian doctrine and practice that is historically orthodox.

The Keyboard Masher

Justin BessingerJustin Bessinger is the Director of Discipleship at Worthville Baptist Church. He has a passion for the pastoral work of equipping every believer for ministry. Vocationally, he is a graphic designer and commercial artist (  Justin is currently a student at Baptist Bible Seminary (Clarks Summit, PA). He enjoys spending time with his family, kayaking, backpacking, meeting with people to read and discuss books and ideas, Bible study discussions, literary fiction, running, photography, typography, basketball, using a chainsaw, and shooting guns.