Recommended Short Reads (8/19/2016)

Your First Breath After Death “What makes being saved sweet for you? What makes heaven such a beautiful haven of happiness? Among millions of possible answers, only one is right. The best thing about that first breath will be that we are finally breathing face to face with our God.”

How Parenting Flies By Now you probably think I’m going to say, ‘Treasure those moments with your kids. Don’t miss a single little league game or choir performance.’ And yes, by all means, we should attend their games and invest in their lives. But three other lessons have become especially clear to me.”

Why Study the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah? “The main character in this narrative is the Lord God. Other central characters serve God by leading his people—Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah. We might be tempted to focus exclusively on their wise and godly leadership; these men are great examples indeed, and Nehemiah especially is a forceful and dramatic figure. The writers, however (including Ezra and Nehemiah as first-person narrators), consistently point to the sovereign God directing the action. It is God who moves the hearts of the Persian kings to enable this restoration. Repeatedly we see God’s hand: guiding kings, delivering from enemies, restoring his people to his promised place.”

How God Saved Me from the Prosperity Gospel “Paul used strong language to call out those who distort the purity of the gospel message (Gal. 1:8). In our day, the prosperity “gospel” is a major false teaching that is affecting every continent, especially Africa and South America.”

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