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An Unexpected Way to Find Gratitude and Thanksgiving to God

Since trusting in Christ during my early adult years, I have spent the rest of my life accepting what the Bible teaches about the value and sanctity of human life[1] at face value without much reflection. Don’t get me wrong: I recognized that human life is valuable and I have always taken life-and-death situations very seriously. However, it was not until I encountered the philosophical concept of possible worlds that I felt the weighty, humbling honor of existing. The concept of possible worlds helped me to emotionally connect with the truth about the value of human life which, in turn, fanned the flame of gratitude and thanksgiving.

In order to have the concept of possible worlds fan the flame of your gratitude and thanksgiving to God, it will be necessary to understand a few terms. If you hear me out, I think it will be worth it.

The law of noncontradiction: The proposition that A cannot be both B and non-B at the same time in the same sense. “According to Aristotle, the laws of logic are not simply principles of human thinking. Because they are also laws of being, we may use them to grasp the logical … Keep Reading