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Start Strong: A Guide for New and Growing Believers Who Desire to Learn to Follow Christ

You can work through this free digital booklet (PDF) with someone to share the gospel, confirm understanding of the gospel, convey the basics of living as a Christian who follows Jesus, and begin to equip them to make disciples.

Who is God and does He even exist? What is the Bible and why should I believe it? What about the world: is it an accident of time and chance or was it created with a goal? Finally, who am I and do I have a purpose in life?

These questions are important for everyone to ask, but they are crucial for those people who are called Christians. If you are reading these words, then you are at least interested in Christianity. The goal of this resource is to help you find answers to the questions above and, more importantly, to show you how to live in response. This process of learning and living is called discipleship and Jesus called people to be and make disciples. Another word that is used for disciple is follower: in this case, a follower of Jesus Christ.

The Start Strong title, outline, and content are the work of Edgewood Baptist Church of Keep Reading