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What We Believe: Prayer

What one believes drives what they do—that is an unavoidable fact of life.  We may not even be aware of all the beliefs that we have, but behind each of our actions there is a motivating belief.  This post is part of a series featuring foundational truths that Christians believe so that we can have those truths in the driver seat of our lives.  To that end, this resource features sections describing What We Believe—each with a corresponding description of What We Do. The topic for this issue is prayer and it is also available as a free digital booklet (PDF).

We Believe: Prayer is Necessary, Commanded, and a Privilege


You might be so familiar with saying the word that you don’t know exactly what you mean by “prayer.” So, really, what is prayer? “Prayer is personal communication with God. This definition is very broad. What we call ‘prayer’ includes prayers of request for ourselves or for others (sometimes called prayers of petition or intercession), confession of sin, adoration, and praise and thanksgiving.”[1]

Prayer is Necessary

God communicates with man through the Bible and the indwelling Holy Spirit. However, our relationship with God is not Keep Reading

Recommended Short Reads (7/27/2016)

How to Pray When Your Soul is Bone Dry “You know you ought to pray. You know that God invites and even commands you to pray. He loves to hear from you, loves to know you. Yet there are times when your soul feels bone dry, when even opening your mouth to pray seems an impossibility. What do you do?”

Why Believe the Bible, and Not Other Religious Texts? John Piper gives a helpful answer to a big question in a short amount of time. The details behind his answer are in a book that is available for free download.

Is the Declaration of Independence a ‘Christian’ Document? Gregg L. Frazer introduces a term that describes what is expressed in the document—theistic rationalism—and its relation to Christian and Deist beliefs.Keep Reading