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Recommended Short Reads (8/8/2016)

5 Lessons My Parents Taught Me About Sexuality Jaquelle Crow outlines how her parents helped her have an understanding of sexuality from a Christian worldview. “There were certain truths they impressed on me—some implicit and some explicit—that were crucial for catching a Christ-centered vision of sexuality. Five stand out most brightly when I reflect on the past 18 years.”

Biblical Friendship Cannot Be Hacked “Surely something as biblical and supremely human as the discipline of friendship is worth recapturing. But where do we begin? How can we reclaim the biblical contours of such an important relationship?”

Two Ways of Thinking “There are fundamentally two ways to approach any concept, and only two. We can start with God and His Word, or we can start somewhere else; and the ‘somewhere else’ usually boils down to ourselves.”

My Favorite Book for Discipling New (and Old) Christians First, like I mentioned, the book really does cover all the basics. Not only does it include a section on taking up the cross and following Jesus, but also a section on why we can trust the Bible. Not only are the topics of Bible reading and church involvement covered, but also Christian sexual ethics and … Keep Reading