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How Jesus Prepared the Disciples for Ministry at Pentecost and After (A Comparison of Matthew 10 and Acts 1-8)

There is a great deal of similarity (or, perhaps more precisely, correspondence) between what the disciples were taught in Matthew 10:1-33 and what they experienced in Acts 1-8.

To Help Get your Bearings, Here is a Quick Summary of Acts 1-8

Acts 1: Jesus teaches the disciples for forty days after the Resurrection and before the Ascension. There are one hundred and twenty believers in Jerusalem following Jesus at this point. They are told to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2: At Pentecost (or the celebration of the Feast of Weeks), the church is born as a result of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Three thousand people believe and become part of the church.

Acts 3: Peter and John are preaching with sign healing at the temple in Jerusalem.

Acts 4: The number of men in the church is five thousand (presumably up to that many women in addition, as well). Peter and John are confronted by the Jewish council. The council—intimidated by the people—merely tells them not to speak in Jesus’ name. Peter and John plainly state that they will listen to God (not men) and continue to Keep Reading